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Welcome to the Cheapofarez Travel & Tours LLC ("Cheapofarez", "us", "we", "our") website (combined, the "Site"). This Site's purpose is merely to facilitate customers in gathering travel information, accessibility to travel-related goods, and service making authorized reservations or transactions and not otherwise. The following Terms & Conditions dictate the use of this Site. By using the Site, whether to inquire travel-related information or make travel reservations (online through the Site or on-call) or for any cause, you acknowledge accepting these Terms & Conditions and adhere, that these Terms & Conditions command any reservations made with us. If you disagree with Terms & Conditions, you must cease to use this Site or its services. We reserve the right to edit, defer, suspend or modify any services and these Terms & Conditions in our sole discretion. All amendments will be effective immediately when upgraded on the Site. Please visit this page once in a while for any changes. Your prolonged use of the Site after the posting of revised Terms & Conditions will mean you abide by those changes.

Any statements made in Terms & Conditions, including disclaimers related to Cheapofarez Travel & Tours LLC, are made on behalf of our affiliates, subsidiaries, and parent companies.




Cheapofarez respects your trust. We seek to take all necessary measures to protect your personal information within our company. We will be undertaking rational technical, organizational, and administrative actions; nevertheless, no storage system or data transmission can guarantee 100% security. If at any point you have a reason to believe that your comfort is compromised or your interaction with us is threatened, or you feel uncertain having business with us; right away inform customer service at 1-888-717-4666 or leave a feedback so that we have a chance to strive and address your problems.


General Disclaimer

Cheapofarez Travel & Tours LLC makes arrangements with third-party vendors, such as hotels, car rentals, airlines, cruise lines, insurance providers, tour operators, travel service providers, and activities suppliers (each a Travel Supplier) for services related to travel- air transportation, car rental, and lodging (each a Service Element). 

As you use the Site, you will recognize that the rates offered result from a negotiation between the Travel Suppliers and Cheapofarez, including specific fees for maintaining their taxes, services, and other charges. When you book through this Site, Cheapofarez ratifies to book your reservations or enter a contract with Travel Suppliers on your behalf for the total price, including taxes, service fees, and other charges relating to the Travel Suppliers or Cheapofarez.

Cheapofarez Travel & Tours LLC will not be at fault or accountable for any errors on the Site, or for the negligence of Travel Suppliers from whom you draw services through this Site, including hotels, car rentals, airlines, cruise lines, insurance providers, tour operators, travel service providers, and activities suppliers, vacation packages. While providing travel services, Cheapofarez does not assure, endorse or guarantee the products or services provided by any external supplier, their financial position, or the remuneration to your loss because of their financial condition. Suppose a situation in which the supplier defaults and fails to provide the service for which you already made the payment. In that case, your only resort for a refund will be the defaulting supplier or from any third party so responsible unless the loss was a mistake solely by Cheapofarez. In such situations where the supplier is defaulting, you may avail any recourse for a refund from the supplier, as permitted by law.

Cheapofarez Travel & Tours LLC is not accountable for any actions and services that are beyond its control or its employees. 

Cheapofarez is not responsible for any event after booking and payment, be it changes in schedule, prices, accommodations, or equipment for any travel service. Cheapofarez will not be liable for any changes to your travel reservations under the circumstances of overbooking, re-routing, cancellation, strike, any weather occurrence, delay, or governmental occurrence. Cheapofarez shall not stand liable for any injury, loss, error, damage, delay, accident, omission, irregularity, non-performance, or any other consequence triggered or prompted by negligence or actions or default of any third party or Travel Supplier. Cheapofarez is not liable for any products or services offered to you by travel suppliers, whether it is the listed amenities, discounts, rates, or limited photos.

Cheapofarez does not seize to have control over the actions of suppliers but only provides value-added services to its customers and retail travel agents.

Cheapofarez is not liable for any final currency conversions paid international travel bookings or reservations. To be in accord, you acknowledge the currency rates vary; that being so, the prices quoted on the Site in local currency is just for your guidance and not binding to the Travel Supplier or us.

Once particular travel reservations are made, tickets have been issued, and payment has been made, seeking cancellation and refund from the travel suppliers will come with a penalty. Printed prices are not under our administrative control, as some tickets may have a specific value (higher or lower) than collected, and some tickets may be printed with BT (Bulk fare) on them.

Discounts offered may differ depending on diverse factors like destination, airlines, time of year (low, mid or high season), flight load, minimum stay requirements, class of service, advance notice.

Cheapofarez does not guarantee, validate, endorse or promote products and services of other advertisers advertised on our Site. 

When you book with us, a contract may be created between you and a Travel Supplier, which may apply additional Terms & Conditions for booking or reservations of products and services provided. Please go through these Terms & Conditions thoroughly. You are with this obliged to all the Terms & Conditions, rules, and restrictions regarding payments, availability, products, or services, as imposed by the Travel Supplier. Some Travel Suppliers may demand you to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover any additional expenses induced during your stay or for using the reserved products or services. Such installment is unallied to any payment received by Cheapofarez for your hotel, car, or airline ticket booking. You understand that violation of any of the Travel Supplier's laws and ordinance may result in the annulment of your reservation(s); in denial of access to the respective Service Element or services, in forfeiting any amount paid for such reservation(s), or our debiting your account for any expenses we sustain as a result of such violation.


Some clients are entitled to receive a rebate for cancellation, compensation, or ticket change service fees, as delineated in our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP) below:


Eligibility Requirements

New Booking


U.S. Military (traveler and Immediate family*)

Proof of Active Duty or Veteran Status** 

Up to $35 

100% discount off our cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees 

Bereavement (affecting traveler and Immediate family*)

Letter from the funeral director is required

Up to $35 

100% discount off our cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees 

Clients with visual impairments

Customer must state that he or she has a visual impairment and is unable to use the website 

Always Match the Website Fare 

50% discount off our cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees 

*Immediate family is outlined as significant other (spouse), beneficiary (housemate), siblings, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews. Eligibility applies whether or not the connection is biological (kinship), beneficiary, adoptive, relative in-law, step, minor/legal guardian, or foster.

**Active Duty – Acceptable ID is Active Duty ID Card, Common Access Card (CAC), .mil Email Address, Guard/Reserves ID Card. Veterans – Acceptable ID is Veterans ID card, Uniformed Services ID Card, Veteran Health ID Card, Military Retiree ID Card, State Driver's License sealed "VETERAN."

Please note: The above CEP lone applies to Cheapofarez's refund, cancellation, or ticket transpose service fees. To make use of this offer, all you need is to identify yourself to our agent and claim the offer. Customers can grab the request over the phone. Customers might be still accountable for an airline and other supplier enforced penalties, as well as any fare distinction. Cheapofarez does not manage the policies of those airlines and other suppliers.


We make sure you feel confident that you have the best deal when booking with Cheapofarez.

Suppose you find lower prices (including fees and taxes) for the same flight itinerary on any Major OTA Competitor's site available for booking within 24 (twenty-four) hours from your booking. In that case, we intend to match the price by processing a refund of the differential amount, lest, process a full refund on cancellation of your booking.

Our Price Match Promise ("PMP").

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the meaning of "The same flight itinerary"?

The same flight itinerary means every element of every offer matches; airports, airlines, flight numbers, time, date(s), type of seat(s), and customer number.

What is meant by "available for booking"?

It means whether or not the flight itinerary found by you is available for booking by the general public on the Major OTA competitor's site at the time when you contacted us, as determined by our travel agents or our customer service representatives. 

What is the meaning of "Major OTA Competitor"?

For PMP, Major OTA (online travel agency) Competitor means the websites like,, and

How can I notify you if I want to invoke the PMP?

To invoke the PMP, you can contact us at with your Cheapofarez booking number along with all documents elucidating lower price flight itinerary, URL, and screenshots that will authenticate all the terms and conditions of the PMP. If the customer service representative cannot verify the source or information of lower fare, or in case of incomplete information provided, the company reserves the right to refuse any uncertified claim. Once the verification is complete and the PMP applies, you can choose whether to keep your itinerary, collect a refund with the difference in the total price, or cancel your booking and receive a full refund.

Are there exceptions to the PMP?

The PMP does not apply to tickets issued under a "bidding" or "auction" model or to "opaque" tickets (where the airline booking particulars are unspecified until after purchase). 

The PMP is not applicable to fares offered on the rewards program, corporate discounts or rates, group, charter, membership program websites, meeting, convention, or consolidator fares; or charges available only by using a coupon or not offered to the general public. It will exclude the fare errors. PMP will also ban military, student, government, tour operator, bulk, vacation package, or "Web Only" fares.


Price Drop Assurance is an opt-in facility where we share additional savings with you in the Cheapofarez gift card. We look for reserves on the flight ticket(s) that you book with us. If you purchase the Price Drop Assurance service, we search your itinerary (travel dates, airports, passengers, time, airlines & flights) 24 hours from your booking. We comprehend for any additional savings on those ticket(s). 

If we tend to find any further savings, you can rebook your ticket(s) for the precise itinerary you already purchased. We will transfer these savings to your Cheapofarez gift card, which you can redeem on your next booking with us. To provide this service, we will keep back a specific portion of savings as a rebooking fee. 

The Price Drop Assurance service does not guarantee savings. Your original tickets will remain in place. We will be unable to offer any extra value if we cannot find any meaningful extra savings on your precise itinerary (typically $30 or more). Price Drop Assurance does not apply to all itineraries or all airlines but will be offered only when available. You will hear from a new confirmation email for the new ticket(s) with the unique ticket number(s) as soon as we comprehend the additional savings and reissue your ticket(s). 

We strongly recommend that you not purchase ancillary services, such as prepaid bags or seats, until the 24-hour search is complete to sign up for the Price Drop Assurance. IF YOU PURCHASE ANY ANCILLARY SERVICES, SUCH AS PREPAID BAGS OR SEATS, DIRECTLY FROM THE AIRLINE, YOU WILL HAVE TO CALL THE AIRLINE AND REQUEST TO ASSOCIATE THOSE ITEMS WITH YOUR NEW TICKET(S), RATHER THAN YOUR ORIGINAL ONE(S). Cheapofarez cannot guarantee to process your requests because airlines may have rules that specify these as non-refundable or restrict such transferability of ancillary services to your new tickets. If you make use of a debit card for this service, you may regain access to the funds from your original ticket(s) within five to seven business days, depending upon your issuing bank.


Cheapofarez Connection Protection

Cheapofarez Connection Protection is a feature available to assist you whenever events so prevail in the standard course of air transportation, be it an unplanned change in schedule, delay, or cancellation of your flight. 

When you purchase an itinerary covered under Cheapofarez Connection Protection and affected by the involuntary change in your itinerary, reach out to Cheapofarez and not the airline to be insured under this policy. We will try and put together alternative flight option(s), or other convenient transportation means to your destination (or process a refund for your unused ticket if no options are available). 

This option is applicable whenever there is a change in flight schedule or flight cancellation chances, which hinders you from reaching your destination or reaching in time. Your arrival is delayed by 24-hours from the actual arrival time, in case you miss your flight, your connecting flight(s), or your flight(s) cancels. Suppose YOU ARE SOMEHOW AWARE OF THE CHANGE ON YOUR FUSION FARE ITINERARY. In that case, WE REQUEST YOU TO BE VIGILANT ENOUGH TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US WITHOUT DELAY EITHER BY TELEPHONE, EMAIL OR VIA ONLINE CHAT PLATFORM FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE.

We have no other way to know whether there has been a change to your itinerary; we request you to contact us within time so that we can get you covered under Cheapofarez Connection Protection. Once you inform us of the change or cancellation, at our discretion, we can offer you the following declarations:

  1. We will find you a possible replacement transport to your destination. Suppose we are not able to rebook you with the same carrier. In that event, we will offer you other alternatives, alternate flight(s) on another airline, or other rational means of transportation to your destination entirely at our cost.
  2. If we fail to find any reasonable alternative while we hold the agreement, you can purchase an interchangeable ticket at the airport for the same cabin class; meanwhile, we promise to refund you the difference between the two tickets. This policy shall not cover any refunds for extra services or upgrades regarding the new tokens.
  3. If we fail to offer an alternative transportation option, we will refund you for all the unutilized portions accordingly. 

We will convey to you all the options via email or on call. Suppose you fail to acknowledge your possibilities and fail to get back to us within 24 hours from receiving the course of actions. In that case, the offer automatically is annulled, and you will no longer be entitled to Cheapofarez Connection Protection.

Covering additional services:

Any travel arrangements being cover must be arranged and agreed upon, in advance, with our customer care team, as these are exclusively covered at our discretion. The costs related to these services must be paid beforehand and claimed only after valid proof (transaction receipts). We will refund the fees up to the amounts listed below.

 Providing overnight hotel accommodation: 

 If your alternate connecting flight is scheduled for after eight or more hours from your original departure, Cheapofarez Connection Protection shall provide your overnight hotel accommodations. Yet, in some cases, you may have to book the hotel room locally and claim a refund of USD 50 ($50) per person for up to two nights. If due to lack of availability of an alternative with the airline and there is a need for additional nights, it must be, by agreement, arranged in advance with Cheapofarez.

Airport transfers:

 Suppose alternative flights to your destination are not available or sold out for same-day travel, and the next available flight to the destination departs from any nearby airport. In that case, we abide by to cover the costs of your transfer to that airport. It would be best if you prearranged all transfers with Cheapofarez. The transfers shall apply to all the passengers on the same reservation. The transfers can be via bus, train or taxi. The maximum aggregate claim limit is $100 for all passengers on the same reservation.

Meal and Beverage compensation:

 If your connecting flight is delayed by 4 hours or more, we will cover up to the US $15 as a meal and beverage compensation per person booked on a covered itinerary.

Multiple destination routes:

If we cannot find a reasonable alternative for the covered itinerary, it impacts that any or all the remaining segments of the same itinerary are affected. The ticket is unused, then a refund for all the flights on that ticket can be requested and processed.

Communication and notices:

 Once we convey the alternate options to you, you are required to respond within a 48-hour window by last in some exceptional cases. If you fail to get back to us within 48 hours, the offer ceases, and you will not be covered any long under Cheapofarez Connection Protection. 

Note: If you are offered any of the alternatives mentioned above by the airline(s) directly or at the airport, we cannot be held responsible for any further compensation or reimbursement.

Late Check-ins/ No shows:

Cheapofarez Connection Protection is only valid until any passenger misses the connecting flight without them being at fault. Suppose we determine (based on the information provided to us by the booking systems/operating carriers) that the passenger had sufficient time (even after the delay) to make it to the connecting flight. In that case, Cheapofarez Connection Protection will no longer be applicable. Any or all costs related to such matters will be the passenger's responsibility. 



Any information and offers held on the Site (including links, text, graphics, or other material) are laid down on a "where available" and an "as is" basis. Cheapofarez makes no warranty or representation, implied or expressed, to you or another person or entity regarding the results, accuracy, merchantability, completeness, timeliness, and fitness for any specific purpose; including but not limited to warranties resulting by statute or otherwise in the form of law or usage of trade or a course of dealing, concerning the products, services, Site related materials, or information.

Under no circumstances, comprising negligence; shall we, our distributors or providers, be accountable for damages to, or any loss of data, or viruses that may infect your computer equipment, on account of your use, access to, or your downloading of any materials, images, text, data, audio, video, or any information associated with inks or emails sent to you by Cheapofarez.

In no event shall we, our distributors or providers, be liable for any loss, claim, injury, damage, or any special, exemplary, punitive, direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages of any kind (including, but not restricted to, lost business, lost savings, or lost profits); whether based in tort, contract, strict liability, or else arise out of or are in any way associated with the use or the inefficiency to use, the Site or materials or the services on the Site or travel reservations booked through Cheapofarez (whether on-call or on Site), if guided of the possibility of such damages. 

It shall not be our aggregate liability, or that of our distributors or providers, exceeding the total costs outlined in the itinerary, giving rise to any such debt. Any claim relating to or arising from, use of or access to, purchase of services and products from the Site must be bought within 180 days from the date of claim, action accrued, the purchase was completed.

Law may not sanction the exclusion or limitation of liability of consequential or incidental damages; therefore, the above exclusion or limitation might not be applicable to you. Use of the Site should be at your own risk. We act only as an agent or an intermediary of travel-related services or products by selling, promoting, or accepting bookings for services or products such as transportation, meals, tours, hotel accommodations, travel insurance, etc.), and are not liable in any way for such products and services.


The following alterations to the Limitations of Disclaimer/Liability section of these Terms & Conditions apply only to residents of New Jersey:






By using the Site, you permanently agree to waive any claim against; and also clearly agree not to hold accountable neither Cheapofarez, nor its affiliates nor subsidiaries, and any of the party's officers, managers, agents, directors, contractors, or employees, for:

  • Any inconvenience, mental distress, lack of enjoyment, or another similar matter;
  • Any cancellation, overbooking, or double booking of tickets rationally beyond our (Cheapofarez) control;
  • Any damage or loss of property, negligence, any wrongful act, or injury caused to any person due to any fault, or any failed conduction by any Travel Supplier;
  • Any claim resulting from or in connection with transportation services of any kind, products or other components executed (or not) or prevailing (or not) in connection with your itinerary, and;
  • Any delayed or rescheduled departure, changes in fares, missed connections, terminations of service, or substitutions of accommodations;

To avoid any uncertainty, Cheapofarez does not stand liable for any canceled flights, or missed flights, or any missed connecting flights, for whatsoever reason or changes made by the relevant airlines.


Cheapofarez shall not be liable for any actions or negligence of the insurance supplier. If you bought the travel protection before February 1, 2015, you could find Coverage's relevant Description here. If you purchased the travel protection on or after February 1, 2015, and before May 1, 2015, you may review the applicable Description of Coverage here. In case you have purchased the travel protection plan on or after May 1, 2015, you can read and understand the following Description of Coverage as provided by the travel protection supplier.


You comply with protecting and indemnifying Cheapofarez, partners, joint ventures, its affiliates, and their respective suppliers and any of their various administrators, managers, officers, employees, and agents; from and against any claims, demands, recoveries, fines, penalties, causes of action, losses or different expenses of any kind however not restricted to affordable legal and accounting fees, brought by:

  • your violation of any rules or regulations of a third party;
  • your usage of the Site;
  • third parties as a result of your infringement of these Terms & Conditions, notices or documents documented on the Site; or
  • you or your behalf is far more than the liability delineated above, given that such limitation of liability is permissible by the law of your State of residence.


You release us, our partners, joint ventures, affiliates, and their respective directors, managers, officers, agents, and employees from demands, claims, and damages (direct, indirect, consequential, and incidental) of any kind, known and unknown. If any dispute arises with any travel product or service, including but not restricted to airlines, cruise lines, car rental agencies, hotels, vacation packages, insurance providers, traveler assist service providers, tour operators, and consolidators.


The Transportation Security Administration obligates us to gather information from you for watch list screening functions underneath the authority of forty-nine USC § 114, and therefore the Intelligence Reform along with the Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. However, providing this data is discretional; having said that, if you choose not to disclose the information, you may go through additional screening, denied transportation, or prohibited entry into a sterile area. The body is published under the system of its records notice. To know more about TSA's privacy policies and any record notice procedure and the privacy impact evaluation, please make sure you visit TSA's website at

To understand our practices, you need to visit and explore the Site; while exploring, we request you study our Privacy Policy. The Cheapofarez Privacy Policy describes how your personal information will be protected and used. If you disapprove of any course of action regarding how your data is being used or transferred, we request you not to use our services.

Protecting Your Security

To safeguard your credit, debit, and charge card, i.e., to ensure that it is not in use without your consent, we may verify your name, contact number, and address provided by you during booking against appropriate third party databases. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, we have your consent to perform these verifications. It entails that you accept and concur that any personal information you may disclose to and keep as a record by a registered Credit Reference Agency. We assure you that this verification process's sole purpose is to certify you and confirm your identity and not perform a credit check; also, this process will not affect your credit rating whatsoever. We abide to securely process any information provided by you under the Data Protection Act of 1998.


Ensure that you are at least 18 years of age, entitled and legally certified to become a part of this agreement and use the Site, binding to all the Terms & Conditions. In case you are using the Site or making travel bookings or reservations on behalf of some other person, please check you inform that person about the Terms & Conditions, covering all rules and restrictions of these Terms & Conditions, well in advance. While using the Site, you will be liable for making any travel reservations or bookings. You will be financially responsible for any actions made either by you or any other person under your direction. You also uphold that any information provided either by you or your behalf or your family members is entirely true, accurate, complete, and up to date. Besides, you will also proclaim that the traveler is not an unattended minor. Without limitation, any speculative, false, exploratory, or fraudulent reservation shall restrain.

Whenever you use any feature that allows you to upload or make contact with other users on the Site, we request you to respect and adhere to the laws and maintain certain decency and modesty in your behavior. You undertake that any such contribution will abide by as aforesaid. You irreversibly undertake to indemnify in the slightest of times for any breach of that warrant and agency. Any material uploaded by you shall be treated as non-confidential and generic. We will have the right to use, store, copy, disclose and distribute any such material to the third parties for whatsoever purpose. We tend to have the freedom to disclose your identity to any third party that claims the violation of their right to privacy or patent rights, owing to any material uploaded by you on the Site. However, we are not answerable or accountable to any third party concerning the content or accuracy of any material posted on the Site, either by you or any other user. We can practice our right to get rid of material or post on the Site by any user if the material does not befit these Terms & Conditions in our belief. 



Client satisfaction is the foundation of our success. In that case, if there ever arises any dispute between our users and us, our goal will be to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible in a very just and cost-effective manner. We persuade you to reach out to us either by contacting our customer service at 1-888-717-4666 or leave feedback at before taking any other action so that we can have a possibility to address and resolve your concerns. 

Else, we agree, any dispute, claim, or argument between you and Cheapofarez, together with our agents or representative acting on our behalf, associated with your use of the Site, these Terms & Conditions, the breach, termination, implementation, interpretation, or validity thence, or our relationship about the Site or Terms & Conditions (each, a "Claim"); shall be resolved following one in each of the subsections of this Resolution of Disputes section below or otherwise unanimously agreed by the parties in writing.



The Terms & Conditions and, consequently, the rights of the parties hereafter shall be ruled by and designed under the laws of the State of New York, the USA, exclusive of conflict or alternative of law rules. Unless otherwise forbidden by applicable law, any Claim should be brought in under two (2) years from the date on which such claim surfaced or emerged. The preceding sentences have nothing to do with the New Jersey Residents.



We should resolve any and every claim via binding arbitration initiated through JAMS apart from the allegations declared on an individual basis that is rightly filed in a small claims court or other courts of competent jurisdiction having a territorial limit of US$10,000 or less.

Arbitration is more informal than a trial in court. Arbitration uses an unbiased arbitrator rather than a judge or jury, and court review of an arbitration award is incredibly restricted. However, except as set forth below, a negotiator can accord the parallel compensation on an individual basis that a court can accord to an individual. An arbitrator ought to apply the Terms & Conditions as a court would. 

The arbitration will be ruled by the JAMS Streamlined Arbitration Rules & Procedures (the "JAMS Rules") and the JAMS Consumer Arbitration Minimum Standards, as adopted by this agreement can be supervised by JAMS. It's Rules And Consumer Arbitration Minimum Standards are accessible online at or by calling JAMS at 1-800-352-5267. If you initiate arbitration and the overall amount in controversy is US$100,000 or less, the sole fee you shall need to pay is US$250 (which is a smaller amount than the present typical standard JAMS filing fee); the Company will bear all alternative prices. If the arbitrator determines that the claims were frivolous, the arbitrator could award the prevailing party the costs and attorneys' fees reasonably incurred about the arbitration. In arbitrations continuing in California, the arbitrator is not authorized to award the prevailing party the costs and prices it incurred about the arbitration. 

Notwithstanding the stipulation above with relevance to applicable substantive law, any arbitration conducted in consistence with these Terms & Conditions shall be ruled by the Federal Arbitration Act (9 USC, Secs. 1-16, the "FAA"). The Federal Aviation Agency shall coat any dispute concerning the interpretation of this arbitration clause. JAMS and also the parties should accommodate with the subsequent rules: (a) the arbitration shall be directed by a single arbitrator approved by or otherwise associated with JAMS; except that if the total amount in controversy is over US$100,000, either party could request a panel of three(3) arbitrators; (b) the party initiating the arbitration shall select the form within which they'd like the arbitration to be coordinated: via telephone, online, solely supported by written submissions, or at an in-person hearing; (c) nevertheless the preceding, if either party requests an in-person hearing: (i) the arbitrator shall decide whether or not a hearing is essential or whether or not the arbitration ought to proceed via telephone, online or only supported by written submissions, (ii) if the arbitrator deems that a hearing is essential, the hearing shall occur at a mutually arranged location, or, if the parties can not agree on a place, at an area that is selected by the arbitrator and in all fairness is convenient to all and any parties, and (iii) either party might elect to participate in an in-person hearing by phone, unless the arbitrator decides otherwise; (d) the arbitrator might not award any: (i) incidental, indirect or eventful damages, as well as damages for lost profits, or (ii) vindicatory or amends, except wherever permissible by statute, and also the parties waive any right to retrieve any such damages as delineated in subsections (d)(i) also (d)(ii); (e) the arbitrator could award injunctive or declarative relief solely in favor of the party seeking relief and strictly to the extent necessary to provide relief secured by that party's declaration; and (f) unless otherwise mutually united by the parties in writing, the arbitrator might not unify more than one person's claims, and will not otherwise command over any sort of representative or class proceeding.

The arbitrator shall decide all jurisdiction and arbitrability problems and the interpretation, pertinence, relevancy, formation, existence, viability, scope, or enforceability of this Mandatory Arbitration provision. Any and every claim, if any, determined by the arbitrator to not be among the content of this Mandatory Arbitration provision should solely be brought in a Federal or State court settled in New York County, the State New York, USA. If subsection (f) above is found to be unenforceable, then everything of this Mandatory Arbitration presentation shall be nullified. The decision on the award issued by the arbitrator could also be entered in any court having jurisdiction. This Mandatory Arbitration provision shall not prevent parties from seeking tentative remedies in aid of arbitration from a court of acceptable jurisdiction.


All claims filed or brought that does not seem to be following the present section shall be thought about improperly filed. Should a claim be filed either by you or Cheapofarez in any manner that is not per this section, the opposite party may request to recover attorneys' fees and costs up to US$5,000. Only if the opposing party has been notified in writing of the improperly filed claim, received fourteen days to withdraw such declaration, and fails to try and do so.


You agree that you shall use the Site's travel services reservation facilities solely to create legitimate reservations or purchases for you or for any other person for whom you are lawfully licensed to act. You perceive that overuse or abuse of the Site's travel services reservation facilities might lead to denying you access to such facilities. You will not exploit this website for any industrial or business purpose. You accept you will not access, monitor, or copy any content or data of this website using any automaton, spider, hand tool, or different automatic means or any manual method for any purpose, while not our written permission. You agree that you won't violate any automaton exclusion headers' restrictions on this Site or bypass or circumvent different measures to stop or limit access to the current Site. You agree that you will not alter, duplicate, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, produce by-product works from, transfer, or sell or re-sell any data, content, graphics, software, products, or services obtained from or through this Site or center. You agree not to use a frame or border setting around the Site or a different framing technique to surround any portion or facet of the Site, mirror, or replicate any part of the Site. You may not sell, offer for sale, transfer, or license any portion of the Site in any kind to any third parties.

You agree you may not use any device, software, or routine that interferes or tries to interfere, with the conventional operation of our Site, or take any action that exploits an unreasonable load on our instrumentality. You will not conceal the origin of the data you transmit through the Site, whether or not to navigate the Site, make travel reservations or bookings, or post any content. It would help if you did not exploit or misuse the Site by wittingly introducing viruses, worms, logic bombs, or different malicious, offensive, denigrating, or technologically harmful material. It would be best if you had not conceived of gaining unauthorized access to the Site, the server on which the Site stores, or any server, laptop/computer, or information connected to the Site.

You shall not condemn the Site via a denial-of-service charge or a distributed denial-of-service charge. We will not be to blame for any loss or injury caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses, or different technologically harmful material that will infect your laptop instrumentality, computer programs, information, or additional proprietary material; because of your use of the Site or your downloading of any material posted thereon, or on any web site connected to it.

We reserve the right to cancel your Cheapofarez account and terminate your use of the Site if you violate any of the above-stated prohibitions.


For your convenience, our use of the subsequent terms in these Terms & Conditions shall have that means below:

 "Service Element" - a single product or service listed on the Site that may be reserved independently of the other service. (e.g., car, flight, hotel).

 "Travel Supplier"- a seller of one or additional Service Elements. (e.g., hotels, automobile suppliers, airlines). Cheapofarez does not act as principal; however, it makes arrangements with third-party seller Travel Suppliers for Service Elements, all as outlined up above.

 "Booking" - a negotiation method with the Travel Supplier administered by you while using this Site for the aim of getting one or additional Service Elements which may lead to a commitment with the Travel Supplier at the time when we tend to receive full payment and settle to your offer.

To finish the booking, you should take the subsequent steps to confirm its credibility:

 When we lay Service Elements on our Site, we invite you to form a proposal for their purchase. You do not create this offer till you press Book on the payment page of the website.

 After you have done so, you have made Cheapofarez a proposal (which you cannot withdraw if you change your opinion) to buy the relevant Service Element(s) from the applicable Travel Supplier(s) (your "Booking"). We tend to absolve to settle for your offer on behalf of the relevant Travel Supplier or to reject it, at our sole judgment.

The Cheapofarez email confirmation is not the written agreement acceptance of the booking. However, it will be merely an acknowledgment that we have received your offer. We ought to check the provision of the relevant Service Element(s).

 If the relevant Service Element is out there, your Bookings are going to be processed. The contract concerning the relevant booking is made once the full payment is received.

 The contract between you and conjointly the relevant Travel Supplier can relate entirely to those Service Elements confirmed by email with price ticket numbers only just in case of air, or booking numbers .

 Terms of booking (like value, accessibility, or date of travel) do not seem to bond until the contract is created between you and the Travel Supplier. A ticket has been issued, or a booking has been made and confirmed by the Travel Supplier. Please note that after you have concluded the booking stage, you can only cancel or amend the main details (such as names or destinations) of your booking at our sole volition and in obedience to these Terms & Conditions.

These booking processes can apply to any of Cheapofarez's individual Service Element's Terms & Conditions embarked on below. The Terms & Conditions of the airline ticket, the hotel , the Rental, the attractions and services supplement any area not coated by the Booking method. We withhold the right to change the Booking process at any time, with changes automatically taking impact from the date such changes are posted on the Site.

 Throughout your trip, a government-issued picture ID is needed for security checks at airports, hotels, and rental locations and may be necessary for attractions and other different products as considered mandatory by the relevant Travel Suppliers.

In addition to the specified government-issued ID as declared above, proof of citizenship (Passport) is needed for international travel (for countries outside the United States). Please note that it is your lone responsibility to ensure that you meet the passport, visa, and health necessities of the countries you would like to go to and those you transit (even if it is for a comfortable flight change). Several countries need that your passport should be valid for a minimum duration from the date of arrival into that country. For any queries concerning the applicable minimum duration and the other conditions or passport/visa needs for travel, you ought to contact the corresponding native legation of the countries to which you will be traveling.

 Both Cheapofarez and its affiliates defy any responsibility, and you may not be entitled to any refunds whatever if you are denied boarding, delayed, or deported because of the non-fulfillment of the above.

  • Government entry/exit fees might apply, betting on your destination.
  • These are your sole responsibilities and can be extra to your Booking charges.
  • All travelers on your booking (if quite one passenger) should travel on the identical itinerary. Individual passengers cannot be accessorial to or deleted from your booking.

Cheapofarez reserves the right to correct errors in any publicized value and, if applicable, provide you with a choice to either cancel the booking or enable Cheapofarez, before your departure to gather a sum equivalent to any increase in cost, from your provided credit or debit card.

  • Each Service Element listed in your reservation is provided by the respective Travel Supplier.
  • Frequent traveler points and miles might or might not be accessible for any portion of your booking. You may want to verify this with the related travel supplier.

After you have made your booking, you cannot transfer or modify the name(s) or destination(s) listed in your booking.

We will complete your booking on the delivery date embarked on your email regarding ticket information. If no delivery date is given, then the ticket is proclaimed, unless there are unusual situations.

The terms of this agreement integrated by reference of every airline's contract of carriage. Passengers might examine the carriage contract's complete text at every airline's airport or town ticket offices. Passengers have the right to receive free of charge by mail or alternate delivery service the full text of the carriage contract upon request to the airlines. The consolidated terms of the contract of carriage might include:

  1. Restrictions on the airline's responsibility for personal injury or death of passengers, and for loss, damage, or delay of products and baggage, as well as fragile or spoilable goods.
  2. Claim restrictions, periods within which passengers should file a claim or bring an action against the airline for its acts or omissions or its agents.
  3. Rights of the airline to alter the terms of the contract.
  4. Rules regarding reconfirmation of reservations, check-in time, and refusal to carry.
  5. Rights of the airline and limitations regarding delay or failure to perform service, as well as schedule changes, the substitution of alternate airline or aircraft, and rerouting.

Pricing, Taxes/Fees, and Payment:

Our total costs embody all taxes and charges applicable to airfare, hotel accommodation, car rentals, and activities enclosed in your Bookings unless expressed otherwise in your ticket information email or these Terms & Conditions. Extra fuel surcharges, security, baggage, seat reservation, hotel incidentals, and different applicable service charges could apply, which may be charged by the relevant Travel Supplier at the time of check-in. You are entirely responsible for any such additional costs because of the Travel Supplier. In case you have any queries regarding such charges, please contact the relevant Travel Supplier directly.

 Prices quoted for Service Element(s) does not embody insurance, collision harm waiver(discharge), personal accident insurance, personal property protection, drop-off charges, gas, child safety seats, ski racks, or incidental room charges at hotels (telephone, movies, energy surcharges, and any applicable charges will increase in taxes). You should pay all such expenses at the car rental pick-up location or the hotel's check-in counter.

Prices quoted conjointly do not embrace any extra flight fuel surcharges or other surcharges which can be obligatory from time to time by the relevant Travel Supplier or authorities; all of that should be paid by you.

 Payment should be made entirely with a legitimate credit or debit card at the time of booking. Cheapofarez accepts all major credit or debit cards with a certifiable billing address.

 You herewith authorize Cheapofarez and its licensed third party to process the charge to the credit or debit card you provide us for the overall amount of your booking.

 You may need to, by the relevant Travel Supplier(s) to hand over a legitimate credit/debit card during the check-in at the hotel or the rental company's pick-up location to provide confirmation of the approved card usage or to secure any extra charges. The cardholder should be a traveler listed on your booking.

All offers, prices, and conditions of sale could also be subject to:

  • availability.
  • travel days, dates, minimum or most stays, holidays, seasons, blackout dates, stopovers, or waitlisting restrictions;
  • changes without notice;
  • reservation validation restrictions of up to one year (if any extension permissible, penalties/restrictions could apply);
  • advance purchase, eligibility, seating, or another limit; and
  • other conditions/restrictions;

Suppose your itinerary involves a final destination or stops in a country apart from the land of departure. In that case, provisions of a written agreement referred to as the "Warsaw Convention" is also applicable to your entire trip, as well as any portion entirely among the country of origin or destination. The Warsaw Convention governs and will limit bound air carriers' liability for death of or personal injury to passengers or loss or damage to baggage.

A reservation is not complete till confirmed. To safeguard our customers, we tend to ratify the billing address and credit card verification number you provided to us is correct and that your debit/charge will be accepted. Until such data is verified, the fare is subject to alteration. We are not answerable for any transaction or dealing that is declined based upon a credit/debit card that is denied by the provider company or a travel supplier or if, for any excuse, the debit/credit card billing address or credit card verification number cannot be verified promptly, nor are we accountable for any changes in fare or another charge that will occur throughout our verification process. The fare chosen is not accessible within the event, and an approval code may be issued on your credit card. If the deal is not finished, the approval code might quickly and temporarily credit the amount from your bank account.


Passengers embarking upon a journey involving a final destination or stop in a country apart from the land of departure are suggested the provisions of treaties referred to as the Montreal Convention, and the Warsaw Convention could also apply to their entire journey as well as the segments absolutely within the countries of departure and destination. In most cases, the Conventions govern and limit carriers' liability to passengers for death or personal injury. Further protection will typically be obtained by buying insurance from a private company. Such insurance is not plagued by any limitation of the carrier's liability beneath the Montreal Convention or Warsaw Convention. For more information, please refer to your airline or insurance underwriter company representative. For any more details concerning the carrier's liability under the Warsaw convention, please click here.


The Site provides links to alternative websites convenient to you or advertising alternative suppliers and vendors connected or unrelated to travel. Neither do we tend not to endorse any such suppliers and vendors, nor do we tend to be responsible for the contents of other websites or their privacy policy or other practices. If you choose to access alternative websites, you are doing this at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to browse through their Terms & Conditions. Ensure that no matter what links you choose or software you download (whether from this Site or other websites) are free from such things as viruses, worms, defects, and another item of a destructive nature like malware.


Besides each Travel Supplier’s cost and fees, Cheapofarez may charge a service fee as elaborated below. All Cheapofarez fees are charged on a per-passenger, per-ticket basis and are generally non-refundable.


Our Transaction Service Fees^

May Apply To



Online Airfare

A service fee up to $35* will be charged by means of per-passenger, per-ticket. **

International and U.S. Domestic


$0.00 to $35.00

Online Hotel

On the basis of per night, per room

All Hotels


Up to $42.00

Online Car

By means of per rental

All Car Rentals


Up to $40.00

Payment shall be made in your local currency. All service fees would be converted in your local currency direct at the payment page.

*Approximate amount

** Types of passengers: Infant, child, student, and adult, military, senior.

^All transactions service fees and charges are non-refundable and can change without any prior notice.

The government levied duties (taxes) and fees can change. You will only be charged the final amount as shown.

Certain exceptions to the above service fees apply:

  • Up to $50 service fees per passenger for booking an online vacation package.
  • Up to $150 service fees per passenger for booking Business and First-Class.
  • Up to $100 service fees per passenger for Multi-city and open-jaw trips.
  • Up to $40 service fees per passenger for cities with high fraud rates.
  • Up to $55 service fees per passenger for alternative dates and nearby Airports.
  • Up to $100 service fees per passenger for Fusion fares or Value deals.
  • Up to $100 service fee per passenger for an unaccompanied minor.
  • Service fees for contact center bookings (including complex multi-stop and round the world itineraries) per passenger can range from $10 to $200 (up to $100 for Senior Citizens) these service fees may be higher than those charged for online bookings. Premium package benefits are included in contact center bookings.
  • Important Note: All service fees can change without any prior notice. Please review the total final price carefully.CUSTOMERS SHALL BE CHARGED THE FINAL TOTAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGE IN THE SERVICE FEES.


Post-Ticketing Service Fees*

Applies To


Amount per Ticket

Agent Assisted Cancellation

Cancellation requested within twenty-four (24) hours of booking (USA Websites Only)

Per-passenger, per-ticket fees:

$50 for Domestic

$75 for International

$75 for Business and First-Class

Cancellation & Refund (beyond twenty-four (24) hours)









Agent Assisted Cancellation w/Future Credit





Agent Assisted Cancellation w/Refund





Change to Existing Tickets (exchange)

Within 10 days from new travel date





Beyond 10 days from new travel date





Special Services









Agent Assisted Waivers





Fees for Agent Assistance Seeking Refund or Future Airline Credit for Listed Reasons






Name Change

Name Correction

No Show


Routing Changes

Ticket Validity


Visa/Schengen Visa Issues


We offer Special Discounts under our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP) for Military, Bereavement, and the Visually Impaired.

All Airlines Refund or Future Credits are in accordance with each airline fare rules, policies and procedures

Payment shall be made in your local currency. All service fees would be converted in your local currency direct at the payment page.

Types of passengers: Infant, child, student, adult, military, senior.

Service fees and charges will be charged on a per passenger, per ticket basis for all changes, refunds, cancellations and future credits.

*Like our transaction service fees (booking fees), all post-ticketing service fees are non-refundable and can change without any prior notice. Our fees are in addition to any airline or other supplier imposes fees and charges.

The government levied duties (taxes) and fees can change. Customers shall only be changed the final total amount as displayed or as quoted by our agents.

Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. Refund is only available if our travel suppliers’ rules and regulations allow cancellation and refunds, and your request for a refund is accepted, “no show” bookings are not eligible for any compensation from suppliers.

Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. Airline Refunds or Future credits are in accordance with airline fare rules, policies and laws.

Special Services: All Special Services are ONLY on a request basis and are in accordance with each airlines review and approval process along with their fare rules, policies and laws. Special service fees shall only be charged upon the provision of the service(s) and shall be refunded only if the request is denied by the airline.

Name Misspelling: Passenger name on their airline ticket does not match their passport or other universally accepted government ID

Visa or Passport: In order to process a request a Visa or Passport decline letter is required.

Baggage: Please preserve all baggage tags and receipts.

No-Show: Documents regarding why you were unable to make your scheduled departure.

Denied Boarding: Documents regarding why you were denied boarding.

Duplicate Tickets: Copies of all tickets, reflecting exact same itineraries booked with Cheapofarez.


Any change created to the package itinerary is strained and subject to airline fares rules, whichever is exceedingly restrictive. Most of our tickets, hotels, packages, activities, cars, and cruises do not permit any date, name modifications after the completion of booking. Cheapofarez legally does not guarantee, and shall not be held answerable for, any booking or reservations confirmed to you if the initial itinerary has been modified by the supplier, consistent with the customer's request or supplier's schedule changes.


Cheapofarez airline tickets (most of them) are subject to 100% NO-REFUND policy. In particular, though, where the airline may allow cancellations, you will be credited for future ticket purchases on the same airline. Generally, the airline supplier's credit encompasses a specific expiration date, after which it cannot be used. We suggest you discuss additional constraints attached to your credit with our customer agent. All such bookings, wherever the cancellation is allowed, should be canceled before the regular time of departure of the first flight segment by contacting our customer service center. The cancellation comes with no-guarantees. Once you are prepared for your new booking and want to use your airline credit, you have to pay the price difference (if necessary), applicable airline penalties, and any applicable Cheapofarez post-ticketing fees. All such changes are governed by rules, policies, and procedures, which are not subject to our control.

No further illustration is formed for our exchange fees except that our agent can serve you by locating your new flights and arrange to re-book the new flights based on their accessibility and different additional factors. 

Per our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP), we provide special discounts for Bereavement (mourning), Military, and the Visually Impaired. 


If just in case your itinerary includes flights operated by more than one airline, please check carefully with different airline's Terms & Conditions, which may be found on every airline's website. All these airlines can have their specific bound rules, restrictions, and charges. Suppose any one of these flights is affected by an airline change or modification (e.g., cancellation or rescheduling). In that case, this can successively have an effect on the customer to make changes to the other flight. The passenger will be chargeable for any fees or ticket cost incurred for making such changes to the unaffected flight. Airlines could charge their fees for changes, exchanges, or refunds as requested. You are charged for complying with every airline's terms & conditions, which may differ (for example, check-in times and limits on baggage size/weight). We advise you to print your outbound and return portions of e-ticket confirmation for all flights before traveling. You can be asked for proof of your return ticket at check-in.


Your booking with Cheapofarez, which incorporates your airline tickets, hotels, vacation packages, pre-paid car rentals, and service charges are non-refundable after twenty-four (24) hours of confirmed booking. Trip Protection insurance is refundable within ten (10) days of purchase if travel has not already commenced and you have contacted our customer service center for the cancellation. The cancellation process should ensue over the phone only. We will settle for your refund requests provided that the subsequent conditions meet:

  • Cheapofarez can secure waivers from suppliers to process this requested cancellation and refund.
  • You have requested for a cancellation and refund with Cheapofarez, and if the fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds; and
  • you are not a "no show" (most "no show" bookings are in-eligible for any relinquishment from suppliers for refund processing);

We cannot assure you of any particular timeline for how long it ought to regard the refund process as you have requested. Our refund requests are processed in an exceedingly consecutive format. When you contact our customer service agent with the cancellation request, you will be sent an email confirming your bid has been accepted. But, this notification does not automatically qualify you for a refund. This email is to inform you that request is received, and also it provides you a tracking number. Upon receiving your request, we will work with the suppliers like airlines, hotels, and car-rental companies to come back up with a waiver supporting airline's and other supplier's rules and inform you of the supplier's settlement. The service fee related to the original travel reservation is non-refundable. Please keep in mind that we are dependent on the suppliers for receiving the requested refunds. Once the supplier approves the refund request, it might take some extra hours for this to appear on your credit card statement. Generally, every supplier might charge a penalty for a refund. This complete process might take 60-90 days from receiving your request to receiving credit in your statement. Excluding the penalties taken by suppliers and airlines, Cheapofarez can charge its post-ticketing fee (as applicable). Refund fees are charged on per traveler, on per ticket basis. Such prices are only accessible once the supplier approves the refund or once a relinquishment has been received and after the airline/supplier rules allow such refunds. If the supplier does not process your refund request by any likelihood, we will refund you our post-ticketing service charges applicable to your agent assisted refund request. However, we tend to have no capability to return you the original travel booking or reservation amount. 

Following our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP), we will provide special discounts for the Military, Bereavement, and the Visually Impaired.

Cancellation Password: For security purposes, all the canceled bookings will be notified on your phone and not on email or internet chat. Whereas requesting Cheapofarez to cancel your reservation on your behalf, our agents can send you a mail with a unique Cancellation Password to the same email that you have entered while booking was commenced. Please provide this Cancellation Password to our agents when requested to finish the cancellation process. If you fail to deliver your Cancellation Password, we will not process your cancellation request. Cancellation Password is valid just for 3 hours (from its time of issuance). Just in case your Cancellation Password expires before processing your cancellation process, please contact us once again so that we can allow you a new Cancellation Password. 


  1. Cheapofarez promo codes are non-transferable, cannot be sold out or bartered, and hold no monetary value.
  2. If the deal is withdrawn, the promo code is no longer valid, the Site and system will defy the promo code when entered. It is often final, and you have the right at that time to continue with the original price or discontinue your purchase altogether.
  3. We seek you to register for our newsletter to receive promo codes by email.
  4. Cheapofarez promo code offers could also be revised or withdrawn any time swiftly, even if different websites display a similar offer.
  5. Cheapofarez could issue certain promo codes typically valid for online travel reservations and bookings. However, you could solely use some specific Cheapofarez promo codes over the phone through our customer service center.
  6. The utmost discount from all Cheapofarez promo codes is our service fees and "Traveler Assist" fees (up to 70%).
  7. The final price revealed (with or without promo code) will be the amount charged, and there will be no credits/discounts applied once purchased for ultimately any reason.
  8. To receive the discount's value, you should enter a legitimate promo code within the promo code link on the payment page. If the code is not entered, the deal cannot be processed and has no value. Because of technical issues, if the code is not accepted or a coupon link is not present, you have the right not to purchase the product or service; however, in no circumstances can the credit be applied once you make the purchase.
  9. For all technical errors, there is no resort except you have the right not to purchase.
  10. Cheapofarez promo codes might not combine with any other offer.

We reserve the right to reject any transaction that might have had an error in promo code value even once the booking is made and the booking receipt is issued.



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Promo Code Terms 

Promo Code offer is valid on Cheapofarez transaction fees only. All discounts are subject to transaction fees charged for that ticket or reservation. Therefore the discount value will be expected up to the amount of the service fees for that arrangement or the promo code's value per bargain, whichever is smaller. We suggest you use this promo code at the check-out point to redeem the offer. This offer may get revised or terminated without any prior notice.


Cheapofarez SMS Alerts- Terms of Service

By allowing the text alert notification of Cheapofarez, you agree to receive up to 6 automated promotional short text messages ('SMS') every month from Cheapofarez shortcode: 000000. We want to inform you that your consent is not a condition of purchase.

We may well acknowledge you of the fact that your carrier may impose the customary rates for any SMS sent and received. If you have any query regarding standard SMS rates applicable to your message plan or data plan, we suggest you contact your wireless provider. 

You may even cancel SMS service at any time—message "STOP" to 000000. After the "STOP" message you have texted us, we will provide an SMS to confirm your subscription's cancellation. And from this point, you won't be receiving any promotional SMS from our side. Unsubscribing does not exclude you from service-related SMS (connected with an existing Cheapofarez booking), which we will send you, for all queries related to the SMS service provided by Cheapofarez, email

Any queries regarding privacy can be checked by looking at the privacy policy of Cheapofarez.


Before processing and accepting your payment successfully, if there is any change in the airfares or any other change, we will inform you of the same. Only with your confirmation may you further process your transaction. It is your call whether to accept or decline this change and in case if you drop the change, we will not be charging you any fee for this. Our Post Payment Price Guarantee: After successful acceptance and processing of the payment from credit/debit card, we guarantee that we will abide by the airline tickets' overall final quoted value despite any changes or fluctuation within the matter of airfare. 


Cheapofarez accepts credit cards and debit cards issued in U.S., Canada, and several other countries as listed in the billing section. We also take AE/AP billing addresses. 

  • Please Note: We may charge your credit/debit card with multiple bills totaling the final price. In case your credit/debit card or another form of payment is not processed or accepted, we will inform you within 24 hours (it may take longer than 24 hours for non-credit/debit card payment methods). Before your payment is processed or accepted successfully, if there is any alteration in the airfare or any change altogether, we will inform you of the same, which gives you the right to either accept or decline the transaction process. In case you decide to drop this transaction, we won't charge you any fee.
  • Our Post Payment Price Guarantee: After successful acceptance and processing of the payment from credit/debit card, we guarantee that we will abide by the airline tickets' overall final quoted value despite any changes or variation in airfare value. 

Please Note: All tour, hotel, car rental, and tour activity reservations are solely confirmed after delivering a confirmation email regarding the reservation. Some cases could need pre-payment to receive confirmation. 

For more protection, when certain transactions are determined to be high-risk by our systems, we will not proceed with such transactions unless our credit card verification team has ascertained that it's safe to process them. To exhibit the validity of such transactions, we may contact you or your bank.


Cheapofarez offers electronic tickets (e-tickets); however, we may issue you with a paper ticket for individual packages. We request you to check shipping charges before confirming the reservation. In certain scenarios, where your e-tickets might not get issued or the delivery being made of another product or service, Cheapofarez will provide you with a paper ticket, product, or service through a safe mode of delivery (reputable courier company). We will debit the applicable charges to the credit holder's account as per rates posted on the Site. The shipping charges are displayed before you confirm your bookings, so it is your choice to purchase or skip the costs. Cheapofarez takes no responsibility for the negligence of the delivery company. We endeavor to redeliver but do not ascertain you for redelivery on time. In case you are sending us the incorrect address, you will have to pay an excess fee to the delivery company for any alteration in the address. You will be charged to the credit card that was used for the payment. If an e-ticket is initiated, the ticket data will be made available on the website. 


Welcome to the Cheapofarez Rewards Program ("Program"). As a member of the Program, you may be able to draw Cheapofarez Rewards Points ("points") anytime you make a chartered purchase from Cheapofarez. If you do not trust or believe any section of these Terms & Conditions, you need to withdraw yourself from connecting to the Program and not using any points.

 By enrolling within the Program, you conform to the following:


Only natives of the United States who are beyond eighteen (18) years of age and have provided Cheapofarez an exact email address are suitable to become Program members and earn points. You instantly become a member after you create an account on Cheapofarez unless you opt-out of the Program. The Program is nullified wherever prohibited by law within the state of the customer's residence, together with if banned by New Jersey law, depending on any change necessary to obey such rules and regulations.

Your Account

When you sign in, your account will immediately tie to your email address or an exclusive account number, and you may be automatically listed within the Program. Once you log into the Site, you may be able to see the entire number of points you have, when the points were drawn furthermore, as what Points have been redeemed.

Collecting Points

For every dollar you pay with Cheapofarez on flights and adjuvant offerings like flight upgrades and baggage fees that are purchased within the same transaction as your flight, you may earn one (1) point. For every dollar you pay with Cheapofarez on hotels and cars, you may earn three (3) points. Qualifying purchases are often made online at or over the phone using Cheapofarez's toll-free number. No points are going to be provided for purchases of complete adjuvant offerings. Except wherever needed by law or provided for in these Terms & Conditions, points do not have any monetary value. Points do not have any rate of exchange to any market currency.

 Cheapofarez can arrange to credit your account with the awarded points on a timely basis, typically thirty (30) days once the reserved travel was completed. Anyhow, you have the liability to make sure that your points are properly credited. Please preserve the copies of your purchases for your records. We must receive any claim for Points not credited accurately within six (6) months from the date of claim of these Points.

 Cheapofarez may also grant you Points as a goodwill gesture (e.g., courtesy waiver of applicable fees). To make use of these courtesy points, you will have to sign in to our website's points program.

Points Expiration

Typically, points will not expire as long as you made a Qualifying Purchase through your Cheapofarez account, leastwise once every two (2) years. "Qualifying Purchase" means that points-eligible booking has been finished. Suppose no Qualifying Purchase was made through your account for the preceding two (2) year period. Your Points might expire; but, points rewarded as a customer service courtesy can expire on the expiration allotted to them and can be redeemed before the assigned date.

Redeeming Points

You may often redeem points for products or discounts offered online at or by calling Cheapofarez. The Site will show the number of points needed to redeem a product online at Cheapofarez reserves the right at its discretion to change the products offered together with the number of points required to redeem a product at any time. Cheapofarez also reserves the right to limit the number of points an account might save during a single transaction. Gift cards redeemed through the Program should be consummated online. All gift cards are subject matter to the supplier's Terms & Conditions. At Cheapofarez's discretion, the Program may additionally enable you to use points to get a discount off certain sorts of travel or travel-related items reserved on Users can use the points to make purchases that profit third parties.

Participation in the Program

Cheapofarez reserves the right to prohibit entry to the Program at any time. We might discontinue your membership and cancel your entire points balance if you fail to meet the Program eligibility needs or any points in your account are issued, received, or redeemed through fraud or felony, or otherwise illicitly, not as approved in these Terms & Conditions.

Member Obligations

You agree to not exploit Program privileges by conduct that is prejudicial to us, as well as without limitation:

Attempting to accrue points in an exceedingly inconsistent manner with our policies or the Terms & Conditions' objective.

  • Having multiple accounts.
  • Taking part in buying or reclaiming fraud.

Points might not be shared or transferred.

The Program could also be Suspended, Modified, or Terminated.

Cheapofarez reserves the right that at its lone judgment and with no prior notice, it can suspend, amend or abort the Program, in whole or in part. To switch, limit or discontinue the utilization of or redemption of points in any respect; to change redemption procedures, together with the number of points needed for an explicit reward; to amend, limit or suspend the collection of points, together with, however not restricted to imposing time limits and changes in Points values. We might tend to create these changes even though the changes might have an effect on the value of points already accumulated from time to time.

 You perceive and agree to, by taking part in the Program, that we can create these changes whenever we wish to, with or without prior information. We may provide you notice of changes to the Program by posting an updated version of this page at or via email. Cheapofarez reserves the right to terminate the Program with six months' notice, without remunerations. It implies that despite the number of points you accumulate in the Program, your right to earn and redeem points is often terminated after six months once we provide you the notice.

 It would be best if you do not depend upon the Program's continued accessibility or any earning or redemption offers merchandise or different offers created about the Program. All inventory and suggestions will be accessible while supplies last and are subject to change without notice.

 Suppose you have any queries regarding the Program, you can contact us by email at

Cheapofarez Credit Reward Terms

By registering for and opening a Cheapofarez Travel & Tours LLC Credit Card ("Cheapofarez Credit Card"), Cheapofarez Visa® Card, or Cheapofarez Visa Signature® Card (each a "Cheapofarez Visa Card"), you herewith conform to be compelled by these Credit Rewards Terms. Additionally, you acknowledge you have earlier enrolled in the Cheapofarez Rewards Program (the "Rewards Program"), or if not, you conform to be registered in the Rewards Program and to be certain by its Terms and Conditions, which are out there at

Make Purchases along with your Cheapofarez Credit Card or Cheapofarez Visa Card and Earn Reward Points

When you make an eligible online purchase (eligible purchases minus credits, returns, and adjustments) ("Eligible Purchase") with your Cheapofarez Credit Card or Cheapofarez Visa Card, you may instantly earn points in your Rewards Program account. If your Cheapofarez Credit Card or Cheapofarez Visa Card account is open and insensible, standing each when you make an Eligible Purchase and at the top of your charge cycle throughout which you created an Eligible Purchase. Points attained for an Eligible Purchase are calculated conclusive to the billing cycle in which the Eligible Purchase was posted to your Cheapofarez Credit Card or Cheapofarez Visa Card account and will roll in, in your Rewards Program account among sixty (60) days. Eligible Purchases do not embrace special funding purchases, balance transfers, money advances, finance charges, and costs related to your credit card.

Earn Points with Your Cheapofarez Credit Card

When you use your Cheapofarez Credit Card for Eligible Purchases made at the Cheapofarez website or through the Cheapofarez call customer service center, you may earn half a dozen (6) points for every US dollar spent, rounded to the closest dollar. 

Earn Points with your Cheapofarez Visa Card

  • Base Reward after you use your Cheapofarez Visa Card for Eligible Purchases earned all over Visa credit cards are accepted, you may gain 2 points for each US dollar spent, rounded to the closest dollar.
  • Dining once you use your Cheapofarez Visa Card for Eligible Purchases at dining premises, you will earn two (2) extra points, for a total of 4 points for each US dollar spent, rounded to the closest dollar. Eligible Purchases made at dining premises will be determined by the merchant category code (the "MCC") related to the merchant. An MCC is a four-digit classification code assigned to a merchant by the merchant's payment card network or merchant processor supporting the merchant's predominant endeavor. The merchant's MCC can confirm whether an Eligible Purchase qualifies as being made at a dining establishment for the 4 point reward. For example, a dining purchase at the restaurant space of a grocery store could have an MCC identification as a merchant other than a dining premise. It, therefore, would not qualify as a dining purchase underneath these Credit Reward Terms. 
  • Cheapofarez Purchases after using your Cheapofarez Visa Card for Eligible Purchases made at the Cheapofarez web site or through the Cheapofarez customer call service center. You will earn four (4) extra points, for a total of half dozen (6) points for each US dollar spent, rounded to the closest dollar. 


  1. Cheapofarez accepts all the verified US, Canadian, or other country billing address for your credit cards. To get a list of countries where credit cards are accepted, click the drop-down menu on the check-out page. 
  2. In case of the payment failure by your credit card, we will notify you within 72 hours. The bookings are not automatically guaranteed just by submitting credit cards. 
  3. You agree to be liable for any or all credit card payments, and you agree not to altercate after the purchase has been made and your tickets and/or other products have been confirmed via email or have been shipped to you. You agree to compensate Cheapofarez in cases of chargeback or credit card disputes where you have genuinely purchased a service from our website. 
  4. When certain transactions are detected as unsafe by our systems, we will not process these transactions unless our credit card verification team ascertains to process them. In order to exhibit the rationality of such transactions, we may contact you or your bank. 
  5. Most credit card transactions over the telephonic conversation with our Customer Service Department are recorded and are provided as evidence in case of any quarrel. 
  6. When you advance your credit or debit card for a purchase, we request authorization for the amount of your anticipated transaction (place a temporary "hold" on the funds. Suppose for some reason we are unable to confirm your booking, you will not be charged, and we will request that such hold to be released by your credit or debit card bank; until then, the hold funds will not be available to you for any other purpose. 
  7. Cheapofarez holds no responsibility if your credit or debit card is not approved or charged. 
  8. Your reservations and fares are not guaranteed until ticketed by the supplier. For hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, bookings are not guaranteed unless confirmation is sent to you via email. 
  9. There may be diverse reasons why your credit or debit card may not have been approved or charged. Quoting some examples: Airline may haven't confirmed your booking, increased fares since payment information was submitted and prior to ticketing, or sufficient funds are not available on a credit card. In such cases where the fare may increase, we will anticipate substitutes, and you have the right to cancel the booking at zero (0) cost. When a booking is ticketed at the cost originally stated to you, the ticket is subjected to be non-refundable and non-cancellable. 
  10. Cheapofarez uses precautionary measures for credit card payment processing. Fraudulent transactions, if any, are reported to the airport security, airlines, and other federal and state law enforcement. 
  11. Online credit card transactions are sanctioned at the time a user or anyone substituting on their behalf agrees to these Terms & Conditions and carries on with the purchase. 


In case of the failure of payment by credit card for booking procedure, we will make all efforts to notify you via email within 72 hours. The transactions cannot be processed if your credit card has been declined. We do not guarantee you for fare and any other booking regarding services. If there is any change in the fares, you will have a right to cancel the booking at zero cost to you. We shall not charge any service fee for the same.


All the special requests concerning seats, meals, frequent flyer on any other special requests are merely requests. Any service fees that we tend to might charge for such special requests on your behalf are put through to be non-refundable for any service rendered and do not guarantee any specific result. We cannot guarantee you the special requests regarding seats, whether or not it will be assigned to you. We cannot assure you that your meal(s), frequent-flyers, and other special requests will be fulfilled by the airline. Therefore, in queries regarding such cases, we suggest you contact your airline directly to confirm your requests prior to your scheduled departure date. Clickhere to look at the list of airlines and phone numbers


In the case of overweight baggage, you will have to pay the overweight baggage fee assessed by the respective airline. Nowadays, airlines even charge for the first bag checked-in; therefore, we recommend you travel light to avoid such costs. To find baggage fees for each airline, please visit our Baggage Fees page. Baggage fees range from $15 to $200 or more depending on the weight and size of the bag and are per checked bag. These fees are subjected to be paid directly to the respective airline. We attempt to update the baggage fees table from time to time, but still, we suggest you right away contact the airline for the latest fees on check-in baggage and policy as is related to baggage. 


In circumstances where two or more flights are involved for connecting flights, you may have to claim back your bags at the connecting airport and check-in again to continue your journey. In such cases, if you have over-weight baggage, you will have to pay any overweight baggage fee assessed by the airline. Nowadays, airlines even charge for the first bag checked-in; therefore, we recommend you travel light to avoid such costs. To find baggage fees for each airline, please visit our Baggage Fees page. 


Cheapofarez, from time to time, offers you an option to request through their customer service optional airline services and products in relation to your reservation(s) or ticket(s), which may include, without any restrictions, pre-reserved seat assignments and checked baggage. 

All these optional services and products will be served to you by the airline(s), and their purchase cost shall be supplemented with the ticket cost and subject to every airline's availability and terms of use. The service fees charged by Cheapofarez for such optional service and products are non-refundable for service delivered, and also, we don't guarantee whether such request will be executed by the airline(s). We recommend you check to check the restrictions imposed by the airline(s) operating your flight(s) on the subject of optional products and services you request through us. 

It is completely under your knowledge that we act as marketing agents with regard to any airline optional services and products. Again, you acknowledge that our entire liability to you in relation to your request for any optional services and products through us is constrained to the purchase cost of such services or products. We suggest you contact the operating carrier to resolve any queries concerning the use and availability of any such optional services and products. 


Airline Policy on Schedule Changes: 

Every airline has its own laws and policies regarding schedule changes, which are beyond our control. 

All the changes made to the flights are because of the operational requirements of the airline. These changes are often predicted for the future traveling dates but in some cases can be same-day changes. Various types of changes could be time changes, routing, flight number changes, date changes, and/or cancellations. Cancellation is incorporated when an airline has stopped or temporarily canceled service to certain cities or terminated services on certain days of the week. 

Cancellation: Reasons for cancellations or schedule change may include:

  • An airport terminal or gate changes;
  • low travel season;
  • civil Unrest; 
  • peak or high travel season;
  • fuel prices; and
  • Bankruptcy. 

Cheapofarez is not accountable for any canceled flights, missed flights, or flights not connecting due to any scheduled changes made by the airlines.

Our Policy on Schedule Changes:

We highly endeavor our duty to notify the customer of any scheduled changes. We, from time to time, recommend you reconfirm your flights within 72 hours of departure.

Airline-Initiated Schedule Change(s):

At times, airlines instigate obligatory schedule changes due to various reasons, like, changes in travel date, travel time, flight number, layover time, terminal changes, etc. All such changes are made by the respective airlines and are not under Cheapofarez's control. Some of these changes may be last minute or might occur while you are in transit. 

In case of airline-initiated changes to the flight itinerary, the passenger will not be charged for fees or difference in airfare. 

Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs)

If you have made your bookings with LCC, such as Sprit or Frontier, please contact your airline directly regarding any change in schedule. We might be incapable of supporting you in matters related to booking through LCC. 

In the event, wherever you have chosen a mix of two (2) one-way tickets and one amongst the flights in your trip is operated by LCC, and therefore the LCC initiated a modification thereto flight, please keep in mind the subsequent steps:

  1. Contact the LCC right away to make changes to your booking. 
  2. Once these changes are confirmed by LCC, you may contact us if you think about making any additional changes to the non-LCC part of your trip. 

Full-Service Carrier 

At the time of any change(s) in the schedule by the full-service carrier, our team will closely work with the airline to provide you with an immediate flight as early as possible. Once we have a vacant flight option, we will contact you. Some schedule changes require no actions to be taken by you. In other cases, you may have to take action, depending on the type of airline schedule change message you receive from the airline or us. 

Prior to Departure

In case there is any change in flight, we will notify you within a 4 hour period of your original flight time via email. We will try to reach you via other sources provided by you, but; if by any chance we are unable to connect with you, our email will serve as final notice. For all such changes among a four (4) hour extension, tickets will remain non-refundable. A certain ticket might be non-refundable even when the schedule change is more than 4 hours. Cheapofarez is not to be held responsible for canceled flights, missed flights, or connecting flights because of changes. 

Departure Date

In case if you happen to reach the airport early, you will have to speak with an agent at the airline counter. During severe weather conditions, options may be constrained, and although it is sunny where you are present, there may be bad weather at the destination where you are traveling or the connecting cities. Please keep yourself updated with the airline website and weather channels for airport updates. It will be best for you if you contact the airline directly prior to the time of departure. 

Customer Obligations

It will be highly appreciable if the customers would contact their respective airline(s) twenty-four (24) to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the time of departure, especially if they are already traveling. We recommend you to check your emails from time to time for any updates regarding flight schedules and respond in a timely manner.

Customer Notification 

Depending on the departure date and when we receive any kind of changed notification from the airline, we will make our efforts to send you at least three (3) emails and will call you one (1) time. In cases where you will lack in contacting either Cheapofarez or the respective airline prior to your departure, you might: miss your flight(s), lose the value of your ticket(s) and possibly end up having your travel postponed by 1 or 2 days or even a few weeks before the airline can board you. 

Service Provided

Once you have reached the Cheapofarez customer line, we will put our entire efforts to approach the airline for your sake and try to come up with a solution. In certain cases, the only resolution which may be left is the cancellation of the flight and refund for the same. 

If you do not retaliate, you may end up in a situation like missing your flight or losing the value of the ticket, and alternative options may not be available. 

We will try our level hard to get the airline to respond or re-protect the customer. These cases are under the complete discretion of the airline or airlines involved. If the airline is incompetent to re-protect the customer, we will place a refund request. 

At the time when the flight gets canceled, Cheapofarez will take the initiative to contact the airline, find alternative flight options or else discuss refund options. 


Many a time, airline flights are overbooked, and there may be a modest chance that your confirmed seat may not be available. Every airline has its own guidelines for such scenarios, which are usually contained in the airline's contract of carriage. We request you to go through the airline guidelines or contact us regarding any inquiry for the same. 


All airlines maintain proper guidelines and laws for the matter regarding children of ages 16 through 18 (age might vary from airline to airline) traveling without adult supervision. We request you to have a look at the airline guidelines for unaccompanied minor age necessities, restrictions, and charges, as the following items are subjected to change from time to time:

  • Any individual younger than 18 years of age shall not be considered as an adult, in the case two or more accompanied minors are traveling together.
  • Some airlines might not permit unaccompanied minors to travel without an adult.
  • Most of the airlines might require extra fees to be paid at the point of check-in. 
  • There are airlines that will permit the unaccompanied minor to travel but only on non-stop flights.



The passengers are required to verify travel documents (transit visa/entry visa) for the country through which they are transiting or entering. Trusted information in regard to international travel can be observed at and also with the consulate of the country(s) you are traveling to or transiting through. Cheapofarez takes no responsibility in case of travelers not carrying proper documents or if you are denied entry or transit into a country. 

Even if you have paid Cheapofarez the entire booking amount, we do not guarantee you entrance to the country of destination. Cheapofarez cannot extend the traveler with any sought of help in case of transit/entry to a specific country. We are in no capacity to determine passenger's eligibility for the same. If any kind of information is received by the travel through Cheapofarez's employees, it is subjected to be verified with the government authorities. Any information regarding this issue does not imply responsibility on Cheapofarez's behalf. 


All the travelers are requested to confirm their bookings directly with the airlines as they may have last-minute schedule changes. Please reassure at 24 hours before the departure of domestic flights and 72 hours for flights to Hawaii and international destinations. 

In certain cases, upgrades and standbys may not be permissible. Airlines are completely responsible for all upgrades and standbys.

Many of our discounted tickets do not permit frequent flyer mileage accrual.

All requests regarding seats will be forwarded to the respective airlines. Please make sure that all seat requests are not guaranteed. For immediate confirmation regarding seats or if you have any special requirement such as "stricter assistance" or "wheelchair," please do contact the respective airline directly.

We hold the position to cancel requests for travel to all destinations that have been embargoed by the US government. 

A passenger's duty or tax could also be calculated upon departure from international destinations such as Mexico, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, and Australia. These are local government duties (tax) collected at the airports and are excluded in initial ticket costs.

For all the travel receipts requested for booking a year or more ago, $28 will be charged as an administrative fee.


If by any chance our agents misinterpret the booking process, we shall make reasonable attempts to amend these faults at the time of occurrence. Cheapofarez is dedicated to providing you compensation up to a maximum of the entire service fees that we have collected for the booking in addition to a $50 coupon as redemption towards purchases from Cheapofarez within 12 months in the future. Please address us with the faults within 24 hours of receiving your itinerary. Beyond the 24 hours period, Cheapofarez holds no responsibility for such defaults. 


The travelers who have booked with us online or have made the booking directly with our customer service agent are held responsible for reviewing and reassert names, flight numbers, airlines, dates, and routing as well as all airport changes. If you discover any irregularity in your itinerary, we request you to right away contact Cheapofarez's customer service agent within four (4) hours from the time the booking was completed.

In case you fail to contact us within 4 hours of completing the booking, we shall contemplate this booking as confirmed by your side, and we do not take up any liability hereafter for any inconsistency in your booking. 

We request you to review and save the itinerary. 


It is debarred by the federal law to not carry any risky hazardous materials on aircraft in your luggage or your handbags. Just in case of violation, an individual will be punished for five years of imprisonment and penalties of $250,000 or more (49 USC 5124). Hazardous Materials include compressed gases, oxidizers, explosives, ignitable liquid and solids, corrosives, poisons, and radioactive materials—examples: tear gases, radio-pharmaceuticals, paints, fireworks, oxygen bottles, and lighter fluid. Sure special cases for little quantities (up to seventy ounces total) of medication and bathroom articles carried in your baggage and certain smoking materials carried personally. For any query, contact your airline representative. 


Some destination countries could evoke the air carrier or foreign air carrier to manage an airplane passenger cabin with toxicants before the flight or to apply an aerosol toxicant in an airplane cabin used for a flight when the cabin is occupied with passengers. Detailed information can be obtained from the US Department of Transportation.



All the photos of the hotel and information regarding service, amenities, and products, etc., posted on the Site are provided to us by the supplier. Cheapofarez shall not be held responsible in cases where there is any change that has not been updated by the supplier. 

Specific amenities, such as bedding type or non-smoking rooms, are just a request and not guaranteed unless it is specified by the hotel. While all hotels will strive to satisfy you with your request, neither hotels nor Cheapofarez will guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. 

Some rates are subjected to special requirements such as Corporate, Government (including Military), AAA, or AARP membership. These rates will require you to provide identification at the time of check-in to prove that you're eligible for those special rates. Hotel properties are under no obligation to honor these rates if in case you don't qualify or if you don't have proper identification confirming your eligibility.

Neither hotel properties nor Cheapofarez will refund you for the unused room nights due to early departure.

Airport Shuttle service offered by some hotels is subject to extra service. Please contact the hotel authorities prior to check-in to find out availability and pricing. 

All the perks offered by the hotel, such as free breakfast, tours, etc., are all subject to change and availability and are under the control of the hotel authorities. 

Pet Policies: 

We suggest you confirm directly with the hotel authorities whether they do welcome pets in their property(s). Cheapofarez has no say in the Hotel's Pet Policy. To confirm pet policies, we recommend you call the hotel directly, as they will clarify all your queries regarding fees and pet restrictions on breed and size.

Pre-Paid Reservations: 

Pre-paid Reservations are deducted from your credit card at the time of booking. This payment includes the Full Base Amount (room only) of the reservation. Other services like resort fees, energy surcharges, and cleaning fees, may be charged on a daily basis. The hotel authorities will also charge extra expenses for services, such as meals, games, movies, parking, wet bar, and phone calls. All rates are subject to be confirmed at the time of booking. 

Pre-Paid Booking Vouchers:

Many hotels might ask for a voucher at check-in. Cheapofarez will provide you with the voucher via email, which you have provided us at the time of booking. It is always suggested that the customer shall carry with him/her the copy of the email confirmation at the point of check-in. 

Book Now, Pay Later Bookings:

Book Now, Pay Later Reservations to use your credit card to halt your reservation until the time you arrive for check-in. Cheapofarez urges you to confirm Book Now, Pay Later reservations directly with the hotel customer service within 24 hours prior to check-in. In some non-prepaid hotels, hotel authorities require a deposit up to the full amount of the stay. These charges are usually non-refundable, with null modification approval. 

Meal Plans:

The dining arrangement made by the hotel authorities is covered under Meal Plans. For example, you may have confirmed for a hotel which cooks all the meals for you and which are included in the price. Meal Plans definitions and abbreviations are mentioned right below: 

  • All-Inclusive (AI) means all meals and domestically manufactured drinks are provided (until midnight, when a cash bar system may operate. This may differ depending on the accommodation). You might also get more perks of entertainment and non-motorized water sports laid on by the hotel. 
  • Self-Catering (SC) means no meals are included in the cost of your accommodation/vacation package, but you will be offered catering facilities in your accommodation to cook light meals. 
  • Room Only (RO) means that no meals with be part of the payment you have made for your vacation package.
  • Half Board (HB) denotes that your breakfast and evening meals will be a part of the payment made for the accommodation/vacation package. In some cases, if you choose to have lunch instead of breakfast- the hotel will assure you this upon your arrival. 
  • Full Board (FB) denotes that breakfast, lunch, and evening meals are part of the payment made by you for the accommodation/vacation package. 

All the perks offered by the hotel, such as free breakfast, tours, etc., are all subject to change and availability and are under the control of the hotel authorities. 

Hotel Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds:

All changes and cancellations require you to contact our customer service. 

No-Show Policy: 

By No-Show Policy, it is meant that the customer shows up for check-in for your reservation without any prior notification. In cases where you are not checking-in to the hotel, you must directly contact the hotel authorities. Depending on hotel regulations, you may be charged penalties or lose the entire pre-paid or deposited amount of your reservation.

Hotel Confirmation: 

Hotels might take 24 hours to provide you with a confirmation number. The procedure begins from the moment you book the hotel from our Site. A confirmation email regarding your booking will be sent. This confirmation is to ascertain that we have received your request. In case if you don't receive any response from Cheapofarez, please email covering the confirmation number and a contact number. We recommend you confirm your booking with the hotel prior to 24 hours of check-in. 

There may be many occasions where the hotel may not receive the actual guest's name until 72 hours prior to arrival. Your bookings are completely secured and guaranteed once you are in possession of the final confirmation email and or voucher. We recommend you reconfirm your hotel bookings 24 hours prior to check-in.

All About Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds:

All changes and cancellations require you to contact our customer service. 

We understand that plans are subjected to change. Additional Cancellation and change policies are mentioned below. Some policies may vary from property to property:

  1. On high-demand special occasions (such as the Super Bowl, Olympics, and New Year's Eve in Time Square) or peak-time, many hotels may change their cancellation policies of the booking.
  2. For unused rooms due to early departure, there is no provision for credit return. 
  3. Cheapofarez may charge cancellation or modification fees in addition to fees charged by the property.
  4. In case of a stay extension, you are required to place a fresh booking. Original room rates are not guaranteed. 
  5. Changes to dates, rooms, or any other amendments are subject to fees based on the hotel's policy.
  6. We hold the right to be reimbursed by you in full for any cancelation or any reason against all loss, damages, and expenses incurred by us. 
  7. Cheapofarez and hotel suppliers solely control refunds concerning no-shows, cancelations, or early departures.
  8. Please contact Cheapofarez if you have any queries during check-in or check-out. Mostly all the queries may be resolved by a simple telephonic conversation. 

Payment, Taxes, and Fees:

In matters related to facilitating you with hotel transactions, the charges to your debit/credit card will cover charges for taxes and fees. This charge covers an estimated amount to recover the amount we pay to the hotel-related to your reservation for duties (tax) owed by the hotel, including, without any constraint, sales and use tax, room tax, occupancy tax, value-added tax, excise tax, and other similar taxes. In particular places, the tax amount may also include government-imposed service fees or other fees not paid directly to the taxing authorities but imposed by law to be collected by the hotel. The reservation charges for taxes paid to the hotel may vary from the amount we estimate and include the charges to you. The balance for taxes and fees is a fee we hold on as a portion of the compensation for our services. The charge for taxes and fees varies on a number of factors, including, but not constrained to, the amount we pay the hotel and the destination where you will be staying and will include profit that we will hold on to. 

For new bookings, Cheapofarez will charge booking service fees- up to $42 per room per night. 

Cheapofarez booking fees are entirely non-refundable in a matter of changes/cancellations/refunds of hotel reservations. Cheapofarez will charge a service fee up to $25 per room in addition to supplier penalty fees if any.

Except as mentioned below, we are not the vendor collecting and remitting taxes to the applicable taxing authorities. The hotel suppliers, as vendors, cover all applicable taxes in the amount billed to us and pay directly to the vendors. Don't misinterpret us as co-vendors associated with the vendor with whom your travel arrangements are booked. Taxability, relevant tax rate, and the type of applicable taxes vary greatly by location. 

For all the transactions based on the location of the hotel that falls under certain jurisdictions, the charge to your credit or debit card for taxes and fees cover a deposit of tax that we need to recover and pay to the jurisdiction for tax owed on amounts we hold on as compensation for our services. 

Currency Conversion is subject to approximate exchange rates at the time of booking. These rates are estimated base room charges. Separate hotels collect payment for per night room tax, cleaning fees, resort fees, which may be charged on a daily basis. They also collect extra expenses such as movies, meals, wet bar, games, parking, and phone calls.

Source of Inventory

In view of offering the customer a wide variety of hotels/accommodations, Cheapofarez sources the inventory from a variety of third-party suppliers and direct contracts, some of which have their own terms and conditions which may be applicable to your booking. For instance, if your hotel booking is supplied by Travel Scape LLC (this will be mentioned on your confirmation mail), the following terms are subjected to

Care-Free Cancellation Policy:

  • To qualify for a care-free cancellation, a reservation is subjected to be canceled online. Sign in to your account by clicking here. If you don't have a account, create one here
  • All reservation canceled by telephonic conversation within 48 hours of check-in or pickup date/time is not fully refundable. Cancellation fees will be charged, and the Cheapofarez booking service fee will not be refundable. 
  • If canceled online 48 hours prior to scheduled check-in or pickup, the Cheapofarez service fee charged at the time of the reservation will be refunded.


The car rentals cover non-refundable Cheapofarez service fees up to $40, which will be charged at the time of booking. Car rental insurance is also subjected to be billed at the time of booking. Extra fees will be imposed in case of any change and cancellation to car rentals by us and/or the supplier.

We hold you to be responsible for the full payment of the car rental and all taxes, fees, and surcharges, at the drop-off point, in addition to any damage to the car. 

Renters not meeting the minimum age requirement eligibility will not be given a car and will be subjected to void the policy agreement.

Basic requirements at the time of rental include a valid driver's license and credit card (or other preapproved payment methods). In case if the driver's license is in any other language rather than English, but the car rental is in the United States, an International Driver's Permit is necessary. Most rental companies ask for a Commercial Driver's License for renting a full-size van.

The car rental agency may impose additional taxes and service fees at the time of pickup and/or drop-off. Please contact the car rental agency for all fees and rental-related details. Car rental reservations are not subjected to be transferred from one person to another.

For additional equipment, such as child safety seats, navigation systems, etc., are to be requested in advance and are not guaranteed. We highly recommend you purchase some type of car insurance if you are not covered by your own insurance. You are completely accountable if you cause any destruction to the rental car that was not recorded prior to driving the car off the rental agency. An additional fee will be included for any "One Way" rentals. The fees will be higher if pickup is from one state and drop-off to another. Please check with the car rentals for any surcharges if you will not return the car to the exact location you picked it up from. 

Daily rates imply a 24-hour reservation period. Weekly rates imply a 5-7-day reservation period. Additional fees for cars returned at different times or dates, or locations from the original reservation. For instance, holding the automobile for 27- hours might cost you a single daily rate, and an hourly rate or half (0.5) on a daily basis rate or a full day rate as obligatory by the supplier for the extra 3 hours. 

There is no restriction imposed on the unlimited mileage rates on the number of miles you are allowed to drive. However, geographical restrictions may be applicable. Miles per day rates specify the maximum number of miles that you are permitted to ride. Additional miles will be implied for a per-mile fee. 

Drivers Must:

  1. meet age eligibility;
  2. provide a credit card in the driver's name; and
  3. Show a valid driver's license. 

Payment Taxes and Fees:

Cheapofarez car rental booking for changes/cancellations/refunds are non-refundable. Cheapofarez will charge a service fee of $15 in addition to supplier penalty fees if any. 

Other Restrictions: 

Some rates are solely applicable to cars picked up within twenty-four (24) hours of the arrival time according to airline boarding pass or ticket. If you want a pickup time outside of that timeframe, please contact the car rental agency to confirm whether they have an offer for your booking. 

In case you are using a debit card, please contact the supplier or email us to determine any additional restrictions. Some rental companies will not approve a debit card payment and could result in being denied the rental. Additional restrictions may be imposed on local residents. We recommend you check with us or the car rental company to confirm. Providing false information may void company liability, and you will be held completely responsible for any damages or injuries that may incur.

Copyright Notice:

Automotive Images, Copyright [2019-2020] izmo. Inc. All Rights Reserved. The automotive images included herein are owned by izmo, Inc. and are protected under the United States and international copyright law. The use of these images is constrained by the terms and conditions of a separate license agreement. Any unauthorized use, distribution, reproduction, recording, or modification of these images is stringently prohibited. 

Care-Free Cancellation Policy:

  • To qualify for a care-free cancellation, a reservation is subjected to be canceled online. Sign in to your account by clicking here. If you don't have a account, create one here
  • All reservations canceled by telephonic conversation within 48 hours of check-in or pickup date/time are not fully refundable. Cancellation fees will be charged, and the Cheapofarez booking service fee will not be refundable. 
  • If canceled online 48 hours prior to scheduled check-in or pickup, the Cheapofarez service fee charged at the time of the reservation will be refunded.


The Vacation Package Terms & Conditions mentioned below covered in these Cheapofarez Terms & Conditions supersede any consumer products Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions of Airline Ticket; The Attraction and Services; The Hotel; and the Car Rental Terms & Conditions are an additive to any area not included by the Vacation Package Terms & Conditions. The Cheapofarez Vacation Package Terms & Conditions come with the right to modify its Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. As soon as Cheapofarez modifies its Vacation Package Terms & Conditions, these changes are immediately posted on the Site and from that date go into effect. All the amended Terms & Conditions (including but not limited to) regarding and cancellation and change policies as mentioned below will be prioritized over any previously uploaded and conflicting applicable policies and Terms & Conditions to any customer travel product covered in the Vacation Package. 

All the prices are posted in United States Dollars (USD). 

There isn't any refund and transfer policy for Vacation Packages. 

While booking for vacation packages from Cheapofarez, the full amount will be transacted from your credit card. Cheapofarez will not guarantee its Vacation Packages deals (such as prices, availability, and/or dates of travel) till the time the full payment of the vacation package is received.


For international travels (to all countries outside the United States of America), travelers are required to carry their Government-issued ID and proof of citizenship. Considering one's own responsibility, the passengers should provide their proper documents. Transit Visas may be called for. In case of queries, you may reach the corresponding consulate of the countries to which you are traveling. It is mandatory to carry your government-issued photo ID throughout your trip for all the security checks at the airport, hotels, car rental pickups, attractions, and other traveling related goods as per the supplier's requirement. 

For international travel, all the citizens of the US are required to carry a valid passport. The passengers will not be refunded if, in case, they are carrying improper travel documents, which will result in a denial from boarding, delayed travel, or unused portions of your Cheapofarez Vacation Package. 

Name changes are unacceptable. You will not be permitted to transfer or change your reservation to another name or destination upon the completion of the package. 

Cancellation by Suppliers

The Cheapofarez Vacation Package comes with the combination of a great deal that provides you with a separate airline, hotel, rental car company, and other travel services providers (each a "Travel Supplier"). If by any chance, your Travel Supplier cancels a part of your Vacation Package, we will, at your request, try and provide you with some alternative arrangements. However, we won't take responsibility for the Travel Suppliers' performance, or the reimbursement of the money paid by you for the Vacation Package (or any incidental or consequential or other damages) in case the Travel Supplier fails to perform his duties. Also, the information provided to us by the third parties will hold no significance, and we will not be held responsible for the same. 

Your Frequent Traveler Points or miles may or may not be redeemable for some part of the Vacation Package.

We respect your special requests. It will be our responsibility to pass your requests to the Travel Supplier; but, we regret the fact that we cannot guarantee you that your special request will be fulfilled. 

Pricing, Taxes/Fees, and Payment:

Cheapofarez, for its all-new reservation, will charge service fees of $50 per passenger, the per-ticket basis for flight bookings, $42 per night per room for hotel bookings, and up to $40 for car rental bookings. 

Prices and availability are valid only with the whole Vacation Package (i.e., they are not applied on any single part of the whole package). Many services like additional fuel, security, baggage, seat reservation, hotel incidentals, and other applicable services surcharges may apply, for which you will be charged by your respective travel supplier at the time of check-in. As you are solely responsible for these additional surcharges, therefore if you have any query regarding such services, you can directly contact your respective travel supplier. Also, note that the government entry/exit fees may apply, depending on your destination. 

The prices quoted for your vacation package are exclusive of liability insurance, personal accident insurance, collision damage waiver, personal effect protection, drop-off charges, child safety seats, gas, sky racks, or incidental room charges at the hotel. These payments are subjected to be paid at the car-rental pickup location and/or at the check-in counter at the hotel.

The entire payment is required at the time of booking and with a valid credit card. Cheapofarez accepts all renowned credit cards with a verified United States billing address. 

You authorize Cheapofarez and its third party to charge you for the payment of the entire vacation package through the credit card provided by you. 

The travel suppliers will require a valid credit card at the time of pickup location of the car rental company and during the time of check-in at the hotel. This is for the confirmation of the authorized card usage and/or to pay for any additional charges. The cardholder should be a traveler listed on the reservation. 

Debit Card may or may not be accepted by some Travel Suppliers. In such cases, you need to directly check it with the travel supplier prior to arrival. 

Vacation Package Changes, Cancellation, and Refunds:

Cheapofarez would really appreciate it if you would call prior to the departure for any change or cancellation of the vacation package. We request you not to call the Travel Supplier for such an issue. Please visit the "contact us" section on Cheapofarez's home page in order to gather more information. 

We do not guarantee you the entire or part of the refund once a vacation package is booked. Packages can only be canceled depending on the cancellation rules of each individual travel product component, which as a whole make up one complete package. 

Cheapofarez holds you entirely responsible for any or all cancellation fees that you have made for any travel services- airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental bookings.

Certain Travel Supplier may not permit you to cancel one component or part of the vacation package. In such cases, all elements such as air, car, and hotel must be switched at that very point. For more information regarding the vacation package, you can check the customer service representative of Cheapofarez

At the point of departure, no changes will be permitted, and no refunds will be made for early check-outs or car rental return, or for any unused part of the vacation package. 

On the terms that the changes or cancellation is permitted for the vacation package, Cheapofarez's service fees for processing such change or cancellation will be $75 per-passenger, per-ticket for flight, $25 per room per night for a hotel, and $15 for car bookings in addition to any fare difference and applicable Travel Suppliers fees. 

Cancel and Refund: 

Following the terms that a part of your vacation package is refundable, this refundable portion thereof will be refunded minus the cancellation fee. You will not be refunded for any unused or partially used portions of the vacation package. 

Flight Component Policies:

  • Airline Ticket Terms & Conditions carries various rules and restrictions which are imposed on your airline ticket(s). 
  • All or any changes are inconclusive of availability, limitations, and restrictions fixed by Travel Suppliers (availability may be very limited during peak travel period).
  • Most flight tickets are non-changeable/transferable and non-refundable. 
  • The place of takeoff and destination cities for any Cheapofarezvacation package cannot be changed.
  • The number of traveling individuals cannot be changed at the time of travel. 

Hotel Component Policies:

  • Hotel Terms & Conditions carry various rules and restrictions which are imposed on your hotel booking. 
  • Hotel Properties are non-changeable, whereas room category changes may be permitted in certain cases. Contact Cheapofarezfor inquiry of such changes. 
  • For certain hotels, once the booking is confirmed, the entire reservation is non-refundable. Explore through the cancellation/change policy of the hotel prior to the booking. 
  • You are entirely answerable for any and all incidental charges at the hotel during your stay at the hotel- charges for internet access, telephone access, energy surcharges, movies, resort fees, parking fees, room service, and other services.

Car Rental Component Policies:

  • Car Terms & Conditions carries various rules and restrictions which are imposed on your car rental booking. 
  • Booked car categories cannot be run down, i.e., mid-size to the economy. 
  • For unused car rentals, no refunds will be provided, either in part or the entire payment. 
  • Extra Charges, including fuel, fuel plans; optional collision damage, personal injury, theft or other protection plans, airport assessed taxes and fees, children safety seats, ski racks, GPS, overtime and drop off charges, and other optional items, if any, are subjected to direct payment by you to the car rental company at car pickup location.

Activities Component Policies:

Activity Terms & Conditions carry various rules and restrictions which are imposed on your activities booking.


Cheapofarez, together with its travel suppliers, plans out packages for the tour and also services and accommodations. Don't misunderstand Cheapofarez as an agent of the customer or the travel supplier providing travel-related services. By using this Site, you abjure any claim against Cheapofarez, its subsidiaries or affiliates, and any of such party's officers, directors, contractors, agents, or employees, and evidently agree that neither Cheapofarez nor its subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, and employees, are to be held responsible for 

  • any destruction to property or injury to anyone living or dead caused by reason of defect, negligence, or other wrongful act or omission, or any failure of performance of any kind by any other transportation, vendor, or supplier;
  • Any inconvenience, mental distress, loss of enjoyment or other similar matters;
  • Any missed connections, delayed departure, termination of service, substitutions of accommodations, or changes in fares and rates;
  • Any double booking or cancellation of reservation or tickets beyond the reasonable control of Cheapofarez; and
  • Any claim proceeding in connection with air and other transportation, services, or other features performed or occurring in relation with any part of the package.

 All solutions to your problems regarding travel products or services are to be issued to the Travel Supplier and not to Cheapofarez

Cheapofarez greatly lays emphasis on the purchase of travel protection, which will help recover certain change and cancellation fees. We highly recommend you to purchase travel protection from Cheapofarez travel protection providers, which will supplement trip protection to your Cheapofarez vacation package. Travel Protection payouts are subject matter to restrictions of coverage. Please have a look at the "Travel Protection Terms & Conditions" for elaborated details. For further information regarding available benefits or coverage, you may contact our Travel Protection Provider at changes to your itinerary may require changes to your coverage. In terms of the plan change, please contact our travel protection provider to substantiate that the coverage of your policy is adequate. 


Electronic confirmation and documentation are sent to the email address on record unless differently stated.


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